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CCAI-The Discovery and Science of Smart Meter Fires


April 8, 2021 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Via GoToMeetingCost: $10.00
Call the CCAI Office at 909 865-5004 to Register click here to register online.

CCAI ROUNDTABLE 10 Presents “The Discovery and Science of Smart Meter Fires ”

Guest Speakers:
Jim Brown, CCAI-CFI , Vyto Babrauskas, Ph.D. and Dr. Robert Armstrong
Jim Brown has over 48 years of experience in the fire service, he’s investigated over 6100 fire and has been an expert fire and arson witness on over 96 occasions in both Municipal and Superior Courts in the State of California.

Vyto Babrauskas was the first person ever to be awarded a Ph.D. degree in Fire Protection Engineering. He was the first U.S. scientist to develop and make availa-ble to the public a computer program for modeling fires. Dr. Babrauskas has con-tributed significantly to advancing the state of the art in quantifying the fire hazards associated with toxicity.

Robert Armstrong is the president of Armstrong Engineering firm specializing in Fo-rensic Electrical Engineering. Consultant on over 2000 electrical fires, personal in-juries, and property damage cases.

This presentation is an introduction to the discovery of Radio Frequency Radiation (RF RAD) and the related breakdown of electrical wiring insulation leading to fire causation.

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