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Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigation 8.1-3.23 IA


Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigation Hosted by the Iowa IAAI Chapter
August 1 - 3, 2023
Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau
7105 NW 70th Avenue, Building 3536 (B-59)
Johnson, IA 50131

This course addresses the critical skills essential to the effective investigation and evaluation of fires involving potential electrical fire causes. his course utilizes state of the art techniques, practices, protocols and standards to assist investigators to properly and effectively evaluate electrical systems and associated components to ascertain their role in a fire. Students will be provided with a basic knowledge of electricity, electrical circuits and distribution systems, proper evaluation and recognition of commercial Code (NEC) and how it applies to fire investigations. The use of “Arc Mapping” will also be discussed and how it can be effectively used to assist in fire origin determination. Participants will also be able to demonstrate a general knowledge of electricity, electrical circuits, systems and arc mapping principles through a series of instructor-led “hands-on” practical exercises.

Topics to be covered: Scene Safety; Definitions / Terms; Atomic Theory and Electricity; Ohm’s Law / Joules’ Law; Magnetism; AC vs. DC; Transformers; Three Phase Power; Branch Circuits; Service Entrance; Meter Usage; Circuit Breakers; Wiring; Measuring Voltage & Current; Electrical Failure; Evidence Collection; Scene Processing; Electrical Heating; Arcing Through Char & Melting; Examination Hints; Myth Avoidance; Arc Mapping; Open Neutral Failure; Intrusion Alarm and Surveillance Systems; Electrical Examinations; and Case Studies.

You will need to bring a laptop/tablet, power tap and extension cord, regular and Philips screwdriver, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers.

CFITrainer.Net® Module Prerequisites:

Arc Mapping Basics
Basic Electricity
Electrical Safety
Residential Electrical Systems
Introduction to Evidence

Prerequisites are required as supporting knowledge for the class and the examination.  Materials within the class and examination will reference all Prerequisites.

Registration Fees:
IAAI-Member $450.00
Non-Member $610.00
Debit/Credit Card payments only. If you must use a check or other means please contact grace.criscuoli@firearson.com

Preferred Hotel:

Stoney Creek Inn
5291 Stoney Creek Court
Johnston, IA 50131
$80.00 Per Night
Block under "IAAI Electrical Class"
Make your reservation by June 30, 2023

Cancellation Structure:
31 days prior to start of class, monies refunded.
30 days prior to start of class, no refund.

Questions? grace.criscuoli@firearson.com

All IAAI offerings are subject to cancellation or changes.

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