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NASP Webinar-Fire Suppression System Failures


Arson Investigators Subrogation Webinar Series (Joint Education Webinar with IAAI)
“Fire Suppression System Failures”
Tuesday, March 22, 2022 – 2 p.m. EST

The presentation will cover subrogation associated with fire suppression system failures. The presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the requirements within NFPA 13 and the International Building and Fire Codes for fire sprinkler protection, as well as information regarding states which adopt new and retroactive requirements for fire sprinkler protection. The presentation will then cover modes of system failures such as pipe freezing, design defects, installation defects, and inspection, testing, and maintenance deficiencies. With regards to inspection, testing, and maintenance, the presentation will educate the audience on the requirements within NFPA 25 for water-based suppression systems.

Presenters – Jamie McAllister & Brendan McCarrick - FireTox
Dr. Jamie McAllister is the Technical Director of FireTox, LLC. She is a fire protection engineer, a forensic toxicologist, a certified fire investigator, and a certified safety professional. She has investigated hundreds of fires and offered expert opinions on issues such as product failures and defects, the impact of code violations and system failures on fire growth and spread, and contributory causes in fire deaths and injuries. Prior to joining FireTox, Dr. McAllister served as a code official for the federal government and was responsible for the enforcement of fire and life safety provisions set forth in OSHA regulations, the International Building and Fire Codes, and NFPA standards.

Brenda McCarrick is a senior project engineer at FireTox, LLC. He is a licensed professional engineer and National Association of Fire Investigator (NAFI) trained fire investigator. At FireTox, Mr. McCarrick is responsible for conducting fire investigations and managing fire safety research and fire protection engineering design and construction projects. Prior to joining FireTox, Mr. McCarrick worked as a fire protection engineer for the federal government and was responsible for overseeing fire and life safety programs, reviewing fire protection system designs, overseeing inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire and life safety systems, and ensuring campus compliance with fire and life safety codes. He is also experienced in sprinkler system and fire alarm system design, building code interpretation, and code compliance.

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