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Basic/Advanced Forensic Photography


Basic/Advanced Forensic Photography 
Lee Center 
1108 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Class starts at 8am

Basic Photography November 9, 2021- Day 1
This program is geared towards the field operator who works in varying conditions with minimal equipment. It emphasizes field expedient techniques which may be employed by the average person with minimal training. Topics will include basic photography, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and lighting. This is a hands-on class bring your camera and the manual to your camera. Please review the owner’s manual for your camera prior to attending the class. Bring your laptop as well, as you will be better able to view the slides on it at your seat.  

Advanced Technical Photography for Investigators November 10, 2021- Day 2
Attendees will receive instruction in the critical elements of photography as they relate to Forensic Investigation. This program emphasizes best practices to accurately capture digital images which will be used for comparative or analytical purposes such as crime scene investigation and accident reconstruction. This intensive, hands-on program reinforces the theory covered in the Forensic Photography program. Attendees will use their own equipment to capture images under various conditions including “Low Light’ scenes. They will gain knowledge in the use of alternative lighting techniques to find and photograph evidence which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see. The instructor will demonstrate how to document various scenes and specific types of evidence. Attendees will the demonstrate proficiency in similar types of scenes while receiving instructor feedback.

Upon completion of this class attendees will be able to accurately record digital images of various types of evidence and scenes. This includes impression evidence such as tool marks, bite marks, footwear and tire marks. Best practices are demonstrated to ensure investigators are able to accurately document problematic scenes such as Collisions, Fire Scenes, and Low Light scenes. Maintaining the integrity of the digital media is emphasized throughout the class.

This class is not appropriate for Point and Shoot cameras, as they limited functionality. Participants should bring a DSLR camera to this class.

Pre-Requisite: Students must have completed the CFITrainer.net module “digital Photography” and should have a good working knowledge of their DSLR camera.

Class Fee:
IAAI member $200.00
Non-IAAI member $310.00
Payment/purchase order must be received within 2 weeks of registration.

31 days prior to class start all monies will be refunded.
After 30 days prior to class start no refunds.

Any questions; ashley.gelzer@firearson.com

IAAI offerings are subject to cancellation or changes

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