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Virtual Training - Undetermined Fire 7.21.22


Live Virtual Training - Undetermined Fire
July 21, 2022 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Instructor: Jeremy Damren

Beyond the Negative Corpus: All too often we, as fire investigators, hang our hat on the classification of what we used to call “undetermined”. This is a presentation that will influence even the most experienced fire investigators.  During this two-hour presentation, skills will be shared with seasoned investigators to take a “negative corpus” fire determination and potentially make it into a criminal or civil case, depending on the investigator.   All too many times we walk away from a “flat black spot” and never follow up with the fire.  However, in this presentation, at a minimum of three case studies will be presented to the audience of fire investigations that were at the time, determined to be “undetermined” but later turned out to be criminal and civil cases by committing the crime of insurance fraud.  

IAAI Member - $25.00
IAAI Non-Member $50.00

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