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PA Jack Christmas Seminar 2020


PAAI “Jack Christmas” SEMINAR
JANUARY 25-26, 2020
(PAAI ROOM RATE $70.00/night + TAXES)

Saturday January 25, 2020

“Profiling Youthful Fire Setters and Firefighter Arsonists” 4 hours
William Wiegman Juvenile Probation Officer, Bucks County PA

This presentation offers an understanding into the complex world of arsonists, firefighter arson, and the juvenile fire setter including motives, warning signs, tips for prevention, and identifying potential fire setting behaviors. Attendees will leave the presentation with the knowledge of how to identify, respond, and seek outside assistance when suspecting that an arsonist is operating within their jurisdiction. This presentation will address the development of the arsonist, as well as, the several motives for arsonist with specific focus on the juvenile fire setter and the firefighter arsonist. This program will begin with an introduction to the arson as it is known in the fire service and mental health communities. The presentation will discuss the various ways to identify and investigate arsonists. The program will conclude with recommendations on how to identify and prevent arsons within the community.

“Recognition of Deception, Crime and Violence” 4 Hours
Cpl. Greg Agosti PA State Police

This engaging and interactive seminar is formulated for maximum life safety. The program is designed to develop or enhances critical thinking skills necessary to recognize deception, crime and violence. Information provided will assist the investigator with identification of criminal activity and incendiary fire causation factors not directly related to combustion. Participants will analyze verbal behavior patterns and statements to dissect deceptive traits. Additionally, the program will assist investigators with understanding body language and deceptive traits during interviews and personal encounters. Nonverbal cues which could indicate violence may be imminent will be emphasized. Recognition of such indicators will reduce the investigators chances of personal victimization or assault. Body language, behavioral clusters, anomalies, human universals and other nonverbal actions will be discussed.

Sunday January 26, 2020
“Maternal Filicide-Molly Delgado Double Homicide A Classic Study in the use of 921 in a Murder Conviction”
George Harms West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office 4-hours

Maternal filicide by fire is extremely rare. In January 2017, Investigator George Harms with the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Investigative Division was called to a fire scene with two child fatalities. The mother of the children, Molly Delgado, was ultimately convicted and sentenced to two consecutive, life-without-parole prison sentences. Fire dynamics, fire patterns, arc mapping and witness statements were all used to obtain this conviction by proving that she set two separate non-communicating fires to the bedding of her two young sons while they slept.

“Field Interviews”- 4-hours
Brian Veprek Retired Lieutenant Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office

The “Field Interview” is the most basic and common approach for an investigator to meet someone in the field, while conducting his or her investigation. Your interaction with the person, to include the memorializing and testifying to the facts obtained during the field interview, can either make or break your investigation, which will ultimately lead to your interview being deemed admissible/suppressed by the courts, or a not guilty/guilty verdict in the courtroom or deposition. Participants will learn the importance of the field interview from the beginning of their investigative process, which starts in the field and leads them to the courtroom. Participants will learn the importance of extracting information in the field without compromising their investigation and giving information out. Topics discussed will be mannerisms; courtesy; people skills and professionalism. All of the above concepts are driven from your “Interview and Interrogation” skills, which will also be incorporated in the above block of instruction.

Training CEU’s per day 7 Hours

Class Testing will be done through CFITrainer.net

Saturday January 25, 2020
07:30-08:00 – Registration
08:00-08:15 President Welcome Message
08:15 – 12:15 – Class Instruction
12:15 – 13:15 Lunch (Provided)
13:15 – 16:30 Class Instruction

Sunday January 26, 2020
08:15 – 12:15 Class Instruction
12:15-12:45 – Lunch
12:45 16:30 Class Instruction

Cost for the seminar: $250 for both days
Individual days are $130.00/day

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